Monday, August 18, 2008

Tattoos and Kids Lit, A Natural Combination

Hey, this post is just for fun. I was doing some random professional blog reading and wound up on Contrariwise, a blog of literary tattoos!

Scroll through the Books section to find Le Petit Prince, Harriet the Spy, the Lorax, and a few others. Shel Silverstein is over in Poetry.

What children's literature reference would YOU wear on a tat?

FYI: I started off at Fuse #8, another one of my must-reads, written by Elizabeth Bird, an actual live children's librarian, now published on the School Library Journal site. She has LOTS of insider bits plus thoughtful commentary. And just check out her blogroll!


Amie said...

Wow. amazing what people will come up with! and what people will tattoo on themselves

Elisabeth said...

I thought some of the tattoos were very cool (and gave me some ideas if I were ever to be brave enough to get one). Thanks for sharing that with us!