Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Books!

This week we received tons of new children's books in from Baker & Taylor, which makes it a great time to explore the new book situation in your branch's children's area!

  • Where does your branch put new children's materials? Is there a new book shelf? A display? Do books go right into the regular collection?
  • How long do the NEW stickers stay on the books at your branch? Who's in charge of keeping an eye on the new children's materials and removing stickers? Talk to them and find out what their usual procedure is. How can you help them?
  • What do you like about how your branch handles the new book collection? What would you like to see done differently?
  • What titles are catching your eye right now? Tell us about one title currently in your new book collection.
  • Don't forget to check out Tales' Treehouse and look at the "New Books, Movies & Music" tab under Swoop the Owl. This is a great place to recommend to families.

Leave a comment with the answers to any or all of these questions!


Allison said...

Here at Koelbel I love the new book display! I am always finding new books to fall in love with. I actually found a new one by Valeri Gorbechev called "Christopher Counting" the other day and ended up reading it for the Teletale I liked it so much!

I just noticed this morning that there is a new book by Debbie Bertram called "The Best Book to Read". I am excited to read that one later!

As far as stickers go -- Melissa is usually the one who collects the books that no longer needs stickers and then whoever is at the desk can then take the stickers off as time allows. This seems to be working out very well in my humble opinion. The shelves continue to stay looking nice and fresh with new books on display all the time!
Thanks Melissa for all you do in this area!

Jill Corrente said...

New books, movies, and music on the treehouse stay up on the "new books" page for about a month--which works well except for the odd item that already has lots of hype and gets and order record REALLY early. I browse the carts in LMS, get lists from collection librarians, and pick up items from journals and other readings to add to the page. You can always let me know if I've missed something! I'm adding "The Best Book to Read" Allison--thanks!

Amie said...

New books at Smoky are right by the door of the kids section. The shelf is rarely full. There are always great books on there. One new fun one is "Potato Joe" its a rhyming counting book. Very cute. I love new books; they are so clean and shiny. :) Erin generally watches stickers to take new ones off, I help as well. They stay on for 4 months or so.

Jill Corrente said...

Just a general survey: Do any of you hand out/receive back many of the coming soon for kids or coming soon for teens paper "order forms"? I'm just wondering how useful these are...