Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hi from Michelle Shields

Hi, I'm Michelle Shields , PSS II from Smoky Hill. I am new to baby story time and am learning all the time. I am very excited to be the Bright Beginnings representative for Smoky Hill and have already signed up 14 of my 15 baby story time children and hope to expand to the other baby story time's we offer here at Smoky in the near future. I am enjoying the August break, but spending most of it preparing for is just around the corner!

An explanation of Bright Beginnings:

Bright Beginnings is information designed for newborns through toddlers. There are 3 different levels, prenatal-12 months; 12-24 months; and 24-36 months. Each packet (in a really nice color coded book bag) contains a booklet of activities and games to promote the childs growth and development; a parent handbook on critical health, nutrition, safety and development issues for young children; a guide for finding quality child care; a classical music CD for infants; a childrens board book; and a community resource guide. All the parent or guardian needs to do is fill out a Bright Beginnings informational sheet and have the program explained (usually around 15 minutes) The program is free and sponsored by the State of Colorado

Aug 18 08 There are other reps for Bright Beginnings at other branches and Lori Romero would know who they are.


Melissa said...

Hi Michelle! Baby storytimes can be challenging--good for you for taking it on! Why don't you do a post and tell us more about what Bright Beginnings is and what you do as the Smoky rep? :)

Melissa said...

Thanks for the information, Michelle! Is anyone else a BB rep at another branch?