Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Facts on Fiction

Tool time!

I just came across this site earlier this year as I was working with a patron. It was a mom who wanted to know if there was a site for books that told parents what the content was (like Kids In Mind) does for movies).

Ta-dah! Facts on Fiction! What I appreciate about the site is that it is not "rating" the books as good or bad (which some of these sites do) but just providing the information and letting the parents make the call.

Another nice non-judgemental site is Common Sense Media, which provides parents with information about movies and TV, but also books, games, music, and web sites.

Anybody have another resource like this that you like to use?


Dee said...

Thanks, Melissa. I added both to my favorites.

Jill Corrente said...

Wow--did you know that The Adventures of Captain Underpants has: WITCHCRAFT
p.44-113 Although not technically witchcraft, the main characters choose to use a hypnotizing ring to manipulate the behavior of their school principal. This is all done in a rather silly, comic book style.
Facts on Fiction is very SPECIFIC. I was considering adding this as a parenting resource--do you think it'll scare people away from books with too much information?

Melissa said...

That's a really good question, one I didn't think of. Since I came across the site, I've been keeping it up my sleeve for the parent who is particularly concerned. I haven't been telling everyone about it...maybe subconsciously this is why?