Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kidlitosphere Central

Here's a great resource to bookmark!

Introducing Kidlitosphere Central, one-stop shopping for more youth literature blogs than you ever knew existed.

Don't want to keep your own blogroll or reader? Check the Members page from time to time and pick a blog, read a few entries, and see what people are talking about.

Curious about what's happening in the virtual world of children's literature? Read about annual events, resources, and competitions on the Resources page.

Can't wait to hear which books win the Cybils Awards? There's a page for that, too.

And if you absolutely need another blog to read, Kidlitosphere Central has its own, for news and notes about the children's book world.

1 comment:

Karen H said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful site. I have just spent about 20 minutes just quickly skimming some of the blogs. I love the one where the writer was lamenting that books were seen as "safe" and "no longer capable of corrupting young minds". I plan to spend more time checking out more of the blogs on this site. Karen H