Sunday, February 8, 2009

Do you know about the ALD Storytellers?

After 10 years of bringing nationally known storytellers to ALD in October and sponsoring the Storytelling Festival (which became Storytelling Extravaganza), ALD decided to try a different emphasis. A few of the staff members who had attended the workshops over the years asked if they could continue meeting quarterly so they could keep their storytelling skills fresh, learn new things by exchanging ideas with each other, and be available in case there were calls from people in the community who were looking for storytellers to come to their assisted living center, their school, or their community event.
Because storytelling is basic to building imagination, comprehension, vocabulary, and is recognized as an excellent way to pass on historical and scientific facts, it is a natural way to continue the district's efforts to advance literacy. It complements skills introduced in the district's Early Literacy Storytimes.
The difference between Storytime and Storytelling is not well understood by some people.
Storytelling predates written history and includes the use of drama to inspire imaginations as the teller shares a remembered story appropriate to that audience.
Storytime is a program in which a trained person reads books to children in order to introduce them to language and reading.
You can help keep Storytelling alive in our library district by joining the storytellers, or by merely remembering as you work with the public that there is an active group available to serve our patrons in this way.
Email Virginia Brace if you hear that someone is interested in having a Storyteller. One of our group would love to entertain!

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