Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Spy More "I Spy" Books

Last week I had a patron and her son ask where the I Spy books were, so I showed them these books:

...which were the ones they were thinking of, so that's good. However, I also showed them a few other series they didn't know about, and they decided to take the new ones instead. So here's a quick list of some other search-and-find types of books in case your patrons need some fresh ideas, too.

Usborne "1001 Things to Spot" books
Shelved by author; a keyword search for "Usborne and spot" will find them all.
Each two-page spread has, around the perimeter, images of a number of particular things to look for, like "6 sharks" or "10 magic wands."

Spot 7
Under E Kidslabel.
In these books, you have to compare two pictures and spot 7 differences.

Under E Steiner.
The author uses everyday objects like paperclips, dollar bills, and crackers to create her pictures.

Where's Waldo?
Under E Handford.
The Grandaddy of Them All! Check your shelves; you may have gotten fresh copies in.

Can You See What I See?
Under E Wick.
An "I Spy" for the younger crowd.

Let's Find Pokemon!
Under E Aihara or E Pokemon; a title search for "Let's Find Pokemon" will get them all.

Walter Wick and Jean Marzollo have some I Spy books in the Easy Reader section, too. They are under ER Marzollo or ER Wick, a keyword search for "I spy and easy reader" will find them.

For younger kids who want to search, but find these other books a little hard, here are some titles that have worked out as I Spy books:

Faraway Farm, E Whybrow

Alphabet House, E Wallace

My Very First Word Book, E 428.1 WILKES

Last but not least, if you need to find this type of stuff, try a word/keyword search for "picture puzzles and juvenile."


Alyson said...

Terrific! Can I use the list on the website?

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allison ward said...

Melissa that is a great list! I have also done this as well! It opens their eyes to new things and maybe some new favorites!

Thanks for sharing!

cheryl said...

Melissa, thanks for book list. This will be very useful.