Saturday, November 1, 2008

November: Print Awareness

Our early literacy skill for November is Print Awareness!

What is it?
  • Noticing print everywhere
  • How to handle a book
  • Knowing books have print
  • How to follow words on a page
Why is it important? Because you have to be aware of words before you can read them; you have to know how books work. When kids are comfortable with books, with how to open a book and where the story starts and what those black squiggles are, they can concentrate on starting the decoding process.

What does this look like in storytime?

  • For the babies: Have extra board books out for them to play with while they listen to you. Use big books as often as possible; they make it easier for babies to see the pages.
  • Hold the book upside down and pretend you don't notice. Start turning pages from the end instead of the beginning. If the kids are older, they will correct you! If they are younger, "correct" yourself: "I can't read the book yet! It's upside down!"
  • Point to the title as you read it.
  • Point to repeating words or phrases in the story & have the kids say them with you
  • Make books with 4-5s as a storytime craft. Talk to them about the parts of a book as they work
  • Use words with big type or word balloons like What Will Fat Cat Sit On? or Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!
  • Add words to your favorite flannelboards. When you put up a picture of a castle, also put up the word "castle" underneath.
What do you like to do to enhance Print Awareness in your storytimes? What Print Awareness tips do you give to the parents during storytime?

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