Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In One Ear

Working with kids means we need to be able to help them find more than just books. We need to be Media Advisors, too. To that end, I'd like to ask everyone to listen to one children's music CD this month. Stick it in your car's CD player for a few days, or listen to it while you do the dishes, but listen to the whole thing, then tell us about it. How does it compare to the music you loved when you were a kid, or to the music your kids listened to when they were small? How would you recommend it in one or two sentences to a child or their family?

Need some help choosing? Here's a few sites I gathered up. Where do you go for music recommendations?

Kids' Music That Rocks
NPR's "The Year In Music for Kids 2007"

Try a search in Tales' Treehouse for "Children's Music" and explore what's available, including this article.

Also, I ran across this cool Music Blog from the Kalamazoo Public Library. It includes reviews of children's music, and has links into their kids' music collection.


Kevin King said...

Thanks for putting the pressure on to produce more music posts! ;)

Kevin in Kalamazoo

Melissa said...

No problem! Happy to help! :) I like your clean page design, and how easy it is to find the kids' content. Thanks!

Jill Corrente said...

I recommend these sites on the treehouse (but it's been a while since I've visited them): Try CD Baby or The Pokey Pup. In our house, we love any of the Putumayo playground CDs.

Karen H said...

I forget where or who recommed that I listen to the kid's group "Barenaked Ladies." I listened to "Snack Time" I enjoyed the music. What I have found in listening to current kids music is that the music and the melodies are much more complex than the music I heard growing up.