Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Posts, Comments, and Labels

What’s what?

A post is a new entry; a comment is a remark attached to an entry; a label is a subject tag attached to a post. All members of the YSIG are able to post, label those posts, and comment on other people’s posts.

As we have our conversations and explore professional issues and concerns in this Interest Group, we’ve got one tool, the blog, which is going to have to serve several different functions:
• A forum, where we can have continuing conversations on a topic
• A resource, which we can search to find specific tools and tips
• A bulletin board, on which we can share our thoughts and ideas

So to help us keep organized (this is what happens when you have a Virgo as your facilitator), when you have a resource to share, or an article you want us to read, or a best practice to tell us about, please make a new post, and add a few basic labels to it: Programming, Reader’s Advisory, Collections, Web Resource, etc.

When someone else writes a post, and has asked a question or invited comments, please add your responses as comments attached to that post, so our conversation is all in one place.

We’ll keep an eye on this system and adjust it if we need to as we go along!

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