Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hello from Melissa

My name is Melissa Depper & I’m a Youth AST. I’ve been a Youth Services Librarian with ALD for five years, before that, I was home with my girls for a few years, and I was a children’s librarian at various places around town for several years before that. Right now professionally I’m really interested in early literacy services and outreach to parents and families who don’t use the library. I’m currently doing the Baby Storytimes at Castlewood on Monday mornings, which is just about the best way I can think of to start my work week!

In the last couple of years I’ve been so focused on stuff here at ALD that my blogs are unclicked on, my PUBYAC emails are unopened, my RSS feeds collect dust, and my journals languish on my coffee table. So my personal goal for the Interest Group is that I jumpstart my professional reading again. I want to keep a closer eye on what’s going on in children’s library services across the country…so I can see what ideas we can adapt for our patrons here.


Jill Corrente said...

The best way to get those journals read is to go and have new tires put on your car or have the oil changed-oh-or travel on a plane by yourself!

Melissa said...

Jill--just let me know when you can come by and get the girls so I can take that plane trip!