Friday, July 18, 2008

Dee says Hi!

I'm Dee Requa, a YAST at Koelbel. I have been with the district since 1984 and specialized in Children's since 1992 when Koelbel opened. I am still learning lots about kid's stuff (there are constant changes)! I have done storytimes for all ages and programming too. After doing storytimes at Koelbel for 15 years I am now filling in for storytimes at Koelbel as needed and have also filled in for storytimes at Smoky and Sheridan. I loved the train whistle at Smoky! I am a member of the new Storytellers Group for ALD and have visited Glendale to do stories for Lori's Literacy group. I think it is helpful for us to visit other storytimes to get ideas and share ideas. Everyone has their own style and I feel it is all good!

Have a great day/week-end!

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Melissa said...

Dee--I wonder how many storytimes you've actually done in 15 years? We can definitely share storytime best practices through the blog, but you're right, visiting each other's storytimes is even more powerful.