Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Do you know what Bella Swan's favorite book is?

Because it's getting a new cover. Yes, Wuthering Heights has been repackaged for those teens who really want to read their favorite character's favorite book. There's a lot of chatter online about the new cover, some positive and some not so (see the comments to this post for a lovely example of the two sides to the debate). What do you think about this re-branding? Is such a blatant association with Twilight a smart promotion or a cultural dumbing down? And while you're pondering, check out this slide show of past Wuthering Heights covers.

Finally, I couldn't post about this without mentioning Bella's Bookshelf, a blog "dedicated to discussing the classic literature Bella Swan Cullen mentions through the course of the Twilight saga." Check out their discussions of Wuthering Heights and Eclipse.


Betsy said...

I think it is a great idea. Whatever works! While I agree with some of the commentators who say the Twilight series is not in the same league as Wuthering Heights, still if it makes "classic" literature more intriguing to a few more teens, why not? Then they will have something to compare with Twilight.

Elisabeth said...

I think it's a great idea. Very clever marketing strategy. Why not?

Melissa said...

I agree: why not? I certainly don't feel Wuthering Heights is going to be affected by the hoopla one way or another. It's too well established in the canon for its reputation to be tarnished by anything at this point. :)