Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wish List for Publishers

Diantha McBride wrote a great little "open letter" to children's book publishers in SLJ this month, full of 10 things she'd love to see publishers do with or add to their books.

The list includes such items as "Thanks, But No Tanks" (no more WWII books, please, what about ALL THE OTHER HISTORICAL TIME PERIODS?) and "Out of Order" (PLEASE put series number information on the spine!).

What do YOU wish publishers would do or stop doing? What would help you help kids?


Alyson said...

What a great piece!
Issues for me:
Too many copycat books. - nothing but wizards after HP, nothing but vampires after Twilight. I understand capitalizing on the popularity, but enough!

The growing popularity of YA books seems to have sucked too many good authors from Junior books.

Melissa said...

There was an interesting comment off a Read Roger thread about being careful not to assume that just because YA book sales are up it means that teens are reading more...it could be that with good authors and/or fun topics, adults are picking up more YA for themselves. (Book Thief, Gossip Girl, etc.)