Friday, June 5, 2009

Guys Read Display

As we gear up for summer reading, here's a cool display idea from the Downers Grove Public Library in the Chicago suburbs.

They are using stickers downloaded from, Jon Scieszka's initiative to help keep boys motivated to read. If you haven't been by, check out the site--it has lots of great book recommendations for boys.

I know ALD has been standardizing the use of permanent spine stickers and cutting down on the usage of special collections, but wouldn't it be cool to do something like this temporarily?

At Koelbel there is a special display for Adult Summer Reading, on our New Fiction shelves. It's kind of like a staff picks, in that the books aren't necessarily new, just good reads. But instead of having a Staff Picks bookmark in them or sticky note on their covers, they all have a special sticker on their spines to keep them together, just for the summer.

I'd love to declare a "Guys Read" month at ALD...we could have Father and Son book programs, choose male authors for our regular book clubs, have male writers come and talk, and have special temporary sections in every branch full of books with the Guys Read stickers on their spines.



Alyson said...

Sounds terrific! Tales is in.

Arapahoe Library District said...

the website can support this! reading lists on the sites which are age specific; tie in's to movies. maybe even link to some of the google author talks if that's appropriate! if you want to move forward on this let us know, melissa ~ love the idea!

cynthia k.

allison ward said...

I really like this idea! After reading a book for school by Ralph Fletcher about not forgetting our boys -- I think this would be highly valuable. Especially for those of us that have not read as much guy fiction for juniors and middle schoolers.