Monday, April 20, 2009


For those of you factoid junkies, writers (aspiring and otherwise), and teachers (past or present), here's a blog you might want to keep an eye on. It's called I.N.K. which stands for Interesting Non-Fiction for Kids!

Over 20 writers are contributing authors to the blog (including Boulder's own Steve Jenkins), and they write about non-fiction from many, many points of view.

Here's a recent post I particularly liked: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You! In it, Rosalyn Schanzer compares all the roles she fills as a writer and illustrator to those needed to put together a big-budget Hollywood film.


Dee said...

I think the comments that Rosalyn Schnazer made are so true. When we read a book with no illustrations we imagine what the characters look like, the scenes, historical times, etc like a little mini-movie in our minds. And as in the previous post about our favorite children's books with illustrations we still remember those illustrations and imagined ourselves being a part of the story.

allison ward said...

Ah thanks for sharing this with us Melissa! I appreciate it -- another resource for my education of Elementary Education:)