Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tale of Despereaux

The Tale of Despereaux movie is out tomorrow!

Guess what I'm going to ask? Yes, that's right. What are we going to recommend? For books or for movies? Post your ideas!

We link to games on the movie site from the Treehouse and have a nice If You Like list there.

Monica Edinger at Educating Alice talks about seeing the movie and Alison Morris at PW talks about it too. (Thanks Fuse #8 for the links.)

This title is still a big favorite with classroom teachers and an easy one to recommend when a child has to read off the Newbery Medal list for school. If you haven't read it yet, now's a great time to get caught up.

If you have read it--how is it holding up for you? Did you like it when you read it? Do you like it now? What do you think? Does it still feel like a Newbery? Is anybody planning on seeing it?

I read it when it won, but now I just have foggy impressions of a dining hall, dungeon, and authorial asides. Guess it's time to read it again!


Allison said...

I do remember reading and enjoying "A Tale of Despereaux". It is a little foggy in my brain right now too. I wonder if the movie is like the book? I would like to see the movie -- but will probably not see it in the theater. I would recommend the book for sure! Although like you, Melissa, the details are not all there so maybe I have to read it again!

Elisabeth said...

I read it last summer and did a book club on it in September. I thought it was very clever and sweet and it led to some great discussions (including my favorite thing a book club kid ever said -- when I asked "What would you do if a rat dropped into your soup?" a boy said he wouldn't want to be rude, so he would just say "oh my, this soup is much too hot to eat right now" :)

From what I could tell from the movie trailer, it looks like they were pretty loose on the interpretation of the book - but it still looks enjoyable!

Jill Corrente said...

I brought home Despereaux for my husband to read to my 6 year old. They loved it (and I have been having a horrible time trying to find more stuff for them to read that is like that--they've read Mouse and the Motorcycle, Whittington, Stuart Little to no avail--they've started Masterpiece and I think it might be a winner). They went to see the movie this weekend and my daughter had lots to say about why it was and wasn't like the book. She's had a super time trying out all the formats!