Saturday, September 6, 2008

School Visits

Richard Lyda (OS) Miryam Loo-Camacho (GL) and I visited the Challenge School on E. Mississippi on Sept. 3rd and 4th (evenings). We set up a table near the library. It was a parents night and they were going from room to room but we were lucky and spoke to many of them as they passed by. We were excited to hear that many were loyal ALD users and they were happy the new Glendale library would be located near their school on Parker and Florida. We made library cards, handed out information and bookmarks, used the laptop to show the webpages for teens and kids and handed out invites to the construction party this month and the booksale. All in all we had a fun time even though there were "lulls" at times. This is a Cherry Creek school but kids come from all over including Koelbel, Smoky and other areas. How was your school visit?

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michelle said...

Hi Dee, I went to Peakview Elementary and had a great time. I issued 21 cards, gave out all my copies of the Dewey, Book Blub flyers, Compter Class flyers, and Story time flyers. I went through most of my book marks too. Lots of interest in the Arapahoe Library District. I also gave info to two 3rd grade teachers to call and set up tours and get cards for their children at the Smoky Hill Library. I can't wait to do another school visit!!