Monday, January 26, 2009

PreSchool Fair Was A Success Again!

Thanks to the excellent planning and preparations Dee Requa made, and the timely help of Wincy Martin, Lori Romero and Debby Ridgell on Saturday morning, January 24, the 8th Annual January Preschool Fair was held at Koelbel Library with many positive compliments and much gratitude from the participating preschool representatives and the parents who dropped in that morning between 10 and 12!
The Discovery Toy representative had a good day too!
This is an event that actually begins months ahead when the list of preschools located around the Koelbel Library is updated and the letters and registration forms are mailed out to about 40 preschools. This year there were 18 schools represented, and that made a perfect number in Meeting Room A. Meeting Room B is where the babies and toddlers were entertained by Wincy Martin and the excellent teen volunteers lined up in advance by Amy Gonzales.
Since the only other kinds of events where the preschools can contact as many prospective students cost participating schools hundreds of dollars and are not specifically for prospects in the vicinity of their schools, everyone really appreciates the Arapahoe Library District's willingness to host this event each year.

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Dee said...

I'm glad everything went well and my thanks to all for pitching in the last minute when I became ill with an awful stomach flu.
It was fun and hectic getting all the schools registered and there was a lot of interest this year. Word of mouth even brought in a few new schools who had not participated before.