Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Greetings everyone

Greetings! My name is Karen Hathaway, I am a YAST currently based at SM. For about 10 years I worked at the Glendale Library where I did a little bit of everything for all age groups. When I moved to SM I was able to narrow my focus to services for elementary school age children.
There are so many aspects to youth services that I want to explore I have found it hard to settle on just one goal for this group. After considerable thought, I have decided that I want my focus to be on becoming more knowledgeable about the six literacy skills and how to present them to the parents and the kids.
I have just started to do storytimes. Once a month I do a storytime for some women who do daycare in their homes. Since I have only one shot a month to share the literacy skill, I feel under some pressure to do an exceptional presentation. So, what I would like to do is use this group as a resource for ideas that will help me explain the literacy skills in a non-lecturing manner to the caregivers, and give them ideas of how to incorporate them in with their daily activities.

I am looking forward to learning more about what others in this group do and the different ways we inspire kids to develop a love for reading and books.

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Allison said...

If you find out how to present the literacy skills in a non-lecturing manner -- let us know!
I have been trying to do this since I started storytimes a year ago and unfortunately no matter how I say it I always get the parents who roll their eyes when they hear me say this is what you can do at home. Instead I have been trying to say 'this is an example of a narrative skill book'...
Hope this helps!